Collection 21 Centuries

Time?… A Joke
Albert Einstein always gave the impression that his whole theory of the universe and time, was a game. Here he is with his famous pipe, “smoking” the hands of the clock. And his warm look that would like to send us the message: “I would have liked to tell you more …” During his stay in Bern 1903-1905 he developed the Theory of Relativity.


The Tor
The rotation of a circular surface around a coplanar axis in three-dimensional space generates a geometric shape of revolution, which seems to be the most accepted as a shape of the Universe. Only the human eye – with limited perception – sees that we live in an infinite form. Closer to the scientific truth would be the moment of blinking.



The 2nd Century
In 101-102 and 105-106 the Daco-Roman wars took place during the reign of Emperor Trajan.


Constantin the Great

The 4th Century
Starting from the IVth Century, during the reign of Constantine the Great,
there were mounted crosses on the church steeples.


Farewell On Mount Athos

The 7th Century
In this historical time interval arrived the first monks on Mount Athos.


The Vikings Expansion

The 9th Century
The Vikings invade the territories from Europe.


The Wheelbarrow

The 3rd Century
It was recorded for the first time the existence of wooden
wheelbarrow in China.


The Last Shift of the Maya Civilization

The 8th Century
In the eighth century the Maya civilization disappeared forever.

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