Collection 21 Centuries

Time?… A Joke – On sale by Artios Gallery
Albert Einstein always gave the impression that his whole theory of the universe and time, was a game. Here he is with his famous pipe, “smoking” the hands of the clock. And his warm look that would like to send us the message: “I would have liked to tell you more …” During his stay in Bern 1903-1905 he developed the Theory of Relativity.


The Tor – On sale by Artios Gallery
The rotation of a circular surface around a coplanar axis in three-dimensional space generates a geometric shape of revolution, which seems to be the most accepted as a shape of the Universe. Only the human eye – with limited perception – sees that we live in an infinite form. Closer to the scientific truth would be the moment of blinking.


Sarmisegetusa – Collection Drăgușin – Galați

The 2nd Century
In 101-102 and 105-106 the Daco-Roman wars took place during the reign of Emperor Trajan.


Constantin the Great – Collection Drăgușin – Galați

The 4th Century
Starting from the IVth Century, during the reign of Constantine the Great,
there were mounted crosses on the church steeples.


Farewell On Mount Athos – Collection Drăgușin – Galați

The 7th Century
In this historical time interval arrived the first monks on Mount Athos.


The Vikings Expansion – Collection Drăgușin – Galați

The 9th Century
The Vikings invade the territories from Europe.


The Wheelbarrow – Collection Drăgușin – Galați

The 3rd Century
It was recorded for the first time the existence of wooden
wheelbarrow in China.


The Last Shift of the Maya Civilization – Collection Drăgușin – Galați

The 8th Century
In the eighth century the Maya civilization disappeared forever.

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