Crihana’s New York

Triple Meeting with an Elephant Brooklyn Bridge – New York, a building for which several personalities have contributed, some of whom have remained heroes. The project was carried out by John Augustus Roebling, who was injured during the construction, eventually killing his life. Roebling crushed his right foot during a river maneuver near the bridge. Wound infected and died. Washington Roeblig – his son – took over the work, but after a while he fell ill because of his visits to the legs of the bridge (compression / decompression phenomenon). He followed the inauguration of the bridge in a room … Continue reading Crihana’s New York

“The Eyes” of Picasso

The works were developed following a three-month study in 2018. The general theme was Picasso’s Eyes, Van Gogh’s Ear, Dali’s Mustache. This is the series dedicated to Pablo Picasso and includes references to the studios in Paris, the personal photographer, Demoiselles d’Avignon and others. The series should be developed but, as always, financial support is needed. . 40/30cm, oil on cardboard, 2018 . 40/30cm, oil on cardboard, 2018 . 40/30cm, oil on cardboard, 2018 . 40/30cm, oil on cardboard, 2018 Continue reading “The Eyes” of Picasso

Collection 21 Centuries

Albert Einstein always gave the impression that his whole theory of the universe and time, was a game. Here he is with his famous pipe, “smoking” the hands of the clock. And his warm look that would like to send us the message: “I would have liked to tell you more …” During his stay in Bern 1903-1905 he developed the Theory of Relativity. . The rotation of a circular surface around a coplanar axis in three-dimensional space generates a geometric shape of revolution, which seems to be the most accepted as a shape of the Universe. Only the human … Continue reading Collection 21 Centuries


On 27 October, 1806, after the victories at Iéna and Auerstädt two weeks earlier, Napoleon rode in triumph into Berlin passing under the Brandenburg Gate. It would appear that the four-horsed chariot caught his eye, because Vivant Denon, director of the Musée Napoléon (the museum which was to become the Louvre) gave the order for the work to be brought back to Paris. The work is an irony, placing Napoleon under a skeletal Arc de Triomph. And no horses. Today the Brandenburg Gate Gate is complete, in its place in Berlin . . . . . . Continue reading Berlin

Munich – o impresie satirică

. Marienplatz este piața centrală din München începând cu 1158. Aici se făcea comerțul cu grâne și tot aici aveau loc unele turnee(sau execuții publice). Denumirea a luat-o în 1854. În 1638 Electorul Maximilian a ridicat compoziția sculpturală Mariensäule – ca recunoștință pentru protejarea orașului de către ocupația suedeză – Războiul de 30 de ani. Bavarezii au considerat-o un afront. Regele suedez Gustav II Adolf a fost solidar cu populația. Compozitia este dedicată Sfintei Marii dar conține și simboluri militare. Pe colțurile gardului cu contur pătrat sunt patru frumoase felinare din fontă. Am reprezentat acest felinar drept caroserie pentru o … Continue reading Munich – o impresie satirică


7.11.2021 Colaborarea cu Paris Café din Galați Colaborarea cu Paris Café din Galați are loc în cadrul campaniei de comercializare de printuri. Mulțumesc pentru găzdurie! Oricare dintre lucrările mele pot fi preluate ca printuri la dimensiunile preferate – contra cost – print, ramă, passepartout, eventual transport. . 21.10.2021 Deschiderea Salonului Internațional de Caricatură Brăila 2021 Organizatori și membrii juriului – Centrul Județean pentru Conservarea și Promovarea Culturii Tradiționale Brăila. Succes în continuare! Felicitări premianților! 20.10.2021 New catalog ! New interpretation of old posters from communism time Collection Drăgușin On sale 100 lei, free delivery costs in Romania. 14.10.2021 Deux expositions … Continue reading NEWS