Crihana’s Australia Gallery – Not for sale

Project (works not for sale) Waiting for Food in Circle Quay The Circular Quay was the place where the First Fleet with convicts arrived on the Australian continent. The first set-up of the quay – a wharf – was built in 1792, during Admiral Athur Phillip’s rule. The long distance from the UK has produced discontinuities in food supply, both officers and convicts suffered. Cheiul Circular a fost locul în care Prima Flotă de corabii cu condamnaţi a sosit pe continentul australian. Prima amenajare a malului – un debarcader – s-a construit în 1792, pe timpul guvernării amiralului Athur Phillip. … Continue reading Crihana’s Australia Gallery – Not for sale

Crihana’s New York – Not for sale

Project (works not for sale) Triple Meeting with an Elephant Brooklyn Bridge – New York, a building for which several personalities have contributed, some of whom have remained heroes. The project was carried out by John Augustus Roebling, who was injured during the construction, eventually killing his life. Roebling crushed his right foot during a river maneuver near the bridge. Wound infected and died. Washington Roeblig – his son – took over the work, but after a while he fell ill because of his visits to the legs of the bridge (compression / decompression phenomenon). He followed the inauguration of … Continue reading Crihana’s New York – Not for sale

Galati Works for sale

Work for sale Lucrări de vânzare         Podul dintr-un vis Gălăţenii şi-au dorit dintotdeauna un pod care să rezolve problemele de transport peste fluviu. Invesţia ar fi urmat să aducă beneficii imediate în sistemul economic al oraşului. The Bridge of a Dream Galati inhabitants have always desired a bridge over the Danube able to cope with the transportation problems. The investment was expected to bring immediate profit to the city economy. 600 lei Carte postala: NU     Doi calatori Two travelers Sold Carte postala: NU   Baia comunală Clădirea a fost construită în perioada 1925-1935 şi … Continue reading Galati Works for sale


New York project 2018 work in progress   Blue Grotto – Brooklyn Bridge Ever since the construction of the bridge (1876), the New York City Hall rented the pillars compartments to raise funds. The Manhattan pillar was used as a wine warehouse. It was named Blue Grotto due to the color of Mary’s vestibule from an altar at the entrance to the pillar. Storage temperature was constant at 16 ° C. Încă de la începerea construcţiei podului (1876), Primăria New York a închiriat compartimentele din pilonii de susţinere pentru a aduna fonduri. Pilonul din partea Manhattan a fost folosit ca … Continue reading NEWS

Venice – works for sale

The Crown of Chiesa Madonna della Salute The young architect Baldassare Longhena won the Santa Maria della Salute projects competition in 1631. He was impressed by the idea that the church looked like the crown of the Mother of God, represented in the painting. In the painting can also be seen the pontoon bridge, which is built for the celebration of the Great Saint, thus facilitating the access of the people to the church. 30/40cm, oil on cardboard 600 lei postcard: YES,     3Euro/piece, format 21/14.7cm     Traffic This is a humorous representation of the Grand Canal. A big … Continue reading Venice – works for sale

Potsdam – works for sale

Frederick the Great – King of Prussia – and the windmill of Potsdam-Sanssouci of which he was disturbed of while sleeping. 30/40cm, oil on cardboard 600 lei postcard: NO   Gravitz family – they won the right to use the windmill despite the King Frederick efforts to stop its function. 30/40cm, oil on cardboard 600 lei postcard: NO   The Imperial symbol – flags and vulture of stone – was on the top of the main Gate – Nauener Tor 30/40cm, oil on cardboard 600 lei postcard: NO   Historical “Gustav” ship for Tourists passing under the … Continue reading Potsdam – works for sale

Titanic – works for sale

Titanic’s life rescue boats One of the ship’s legacies was that she had too few lifeboats to evacuate all those on board. The 20 lifeboats that she did carry could only accommodate 1,178 people, despite the fact that there were approximately 2,224 on board. 30/40cm, oil on cardboard 600 lei postcard: NO Contact:   Limonade 30/40cm, oil on cardboard 600 lei postcard: NO Contact: City of ice 30/40cm, oil on cardboard AVAILABILITY: Angajata intr-un proiect postcard: NO Contact: Umbrellas on a deck 30/40cm, oil on cardboard 600 lei postcard: NO Contact: First Class 30/40cm, oil on … Continue reading Titanic – works for sale