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1958   He was born on 7th April in Galati, Romania as Aries, sign which strongly influenced his life and activity.

1978   Military service of 9 months in Marine – Mangalia the Black Sea

1984   Graduated of Naval Architecture Institute finishing the collection of humorous portraits of all his colleagues and few professors.

1985   Debut in cartoon competitions in the “Summer Salon”- Braila, Romania

1986   Debut in press at Rebus Magazine. He meets the journalist Tudor Octavian and received from him tips to make good cartoons. He meets the cartoonist Pavel Botezatu with whom during a few years had long discussions about art, cartoon, competitions, festivals, associations.

1989   He won the first international prizes. It was an Honorable Mention in the Aydin Dogan Competition Ankara, Turkey and Grand Prix – Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

1990   He won the “Dieter Burkamp” Prize in Satyrykon Festival Poland and 1st Prize in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. He met the journalist Dieter Burkamp and started a long collaboration and friendship.

1991   He resigned of the engineer occupation becoming cartoonist and painter. His works were included in one of the most important cartoon exhibition of the 20th Century:  “Europaische Kunstler der Gegenwart” at the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Hannover, Germany.

1992   He starts a campaign of participation in international competitions, winning several prizes all over the world

1999   He starts making a cartoon collection especially with Romanian works. He is being rejected to join the Romanian Artists Union. The local news paper “Viata libera“ publishes several articles about his activity – all signed by the journalist Angela Ribinciuc. He is member of the jury in competitions of Kragujevac, Serbia and Istanbul, Turkey.

2000 He publishes series of cartoons in the Romanian news paper “Curentul”. He became employed of D&D International Company only to make the series of cartoons with the theme “Envelopes”. The cartoons were bought by GPV France.

It is the year he start building cartoons galleries in Galati: Gallery Paradox, Gallery “1stFloor”, Gallery “At Emergency” and the Cartoon Gallery of the Galati University

2001 Six of his drawings are included in the book Alles ist Spaβ – a monography of the sweedish baritone Ingwar Wixell. He organizes two exhibitions in the memory of the Romanian cartoonist Alexandru Clenciu.

2002 The cartoonist Viorel Baciu displayed his works about drugs consuming, family violence, criminality, environment in several exhibitions in Romania. His private collection is displayed during two years at the Cultural Centre “Dunarea de jos” Galati.

2004   He started with his wife Juliana the magazine “Buletin informativ”  and the English variant “Romanian News Report”. His works are included in the exhibition “Spuren des Don Quijote” in Monchehaus Museum for Modern Art Goslar, Germany. Among participants: Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

2005   Included in the exhibition “Spuren des Don Quijote” displayed in Museum im Schloss Bad Pyrmont and Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirsche Osnabruck, Germany.

2006 He is being awarded with the Annual Prize of Culture by the Cultural Centre Galati.

2007 He is being received to be member of UAP – The Romanian Artist Union.

2008 Solo exhibition “Nudes” in the Art Gallery Galati

2009 Solo exhibition “Portraits” in the Art Gallery Galati. Solo exhiobitions in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Kerber Verlag Germany publishes the monography “Satirische Idyllen – Florian Doru Crihana” by Dieter Burkamp. Presentations in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Serbia.

2010 Solo exhibition “Venice” in the Art Gallery Galati – Romania. Solo exhibition in Germany – RomArt Gallery Braunschweig. Solo exhibition Siroka Staza Gallery, Zemun – Serbia

2011 The “Titanic” series premiere takes place in Galati, UAP Art Gallery. The Faculty of Economics at the Sapienza University in Rome hosts the exhibition “Il valore della Poverta”. He exhibits in Galati with the painter Nicolae Einhorn the series “Old Court”.

2012 Exhibit in Galaţi and Tecuci with the painter Nicolae Einhorn – “Humor how-falls”

The premiere of the Eiffel Tower series takes place at the UAP Art Gallery. He exhibits with graphic designer Eugen Holban in Galati.

2013 The “Brugge een satirische impressie” series premiere takes place in the Jan Garemijzaal Hall in the Berfry Tower in Brugge, Belgium. Opens in Galaţi the exhibition “21 Centuries and the End of the World”

2014 Open at the Legnica Ring Gallery at the Satyrykon satirical art festival “Legnica – Satyryczne impresje”. Opens the Eiffel Tower exhibition at the Museum of Satire and Humor in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The “Venezia – un’impressione satirica” ​​exhibition takes place at the Small Gallery in Venice in the organization of the Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanities Research. Opens in Sacile in Italy the double exhibition “Venezia – Sacile un’impressione satirica”.

2015 Presents in several places in Galati and at Gh. Naum “from Braila series” Galaţi – the adventure of a century “. Personal exhibition at Galerie am Jägertor – Potsdam, about the city of Potsdam and a similar one at Pordenone, Palazzo Gregoris in Italy. Presents in Strasbourg (Lieu d’Europe) the series “Strasbourg – Satirical Impressions” and in Berne series “Impressions berne”. He participates in the European Parliament in Strasbourg at the Sakharov Prize and at a collective exhibition on the Parliament’s hall.

2016 Open the exhibition “La Réole – impression satirique” at the medieval prison in the locality. The premiere of the exhibition “Venetian Blitz” takes place at the Visual Art Museum in Galati.

2017 Exhibition at the Art Gallery “Cathédrale” in Friborg, Switzerland.



ROMANIA – Gallery “Ironica” University – Galati 1999,  , Gallery “Paradox” Club SIDEX – Galati 1999, Institute Fordoc – Călăraşi 2000, History Museum – Galaţi 2001, Galery “1st Floor” Galati 2002, City Hall – Urziceni 2003, Harbour Head Quarter – Constanţa 2003, Cartoonists Club Bucharest 2005, Gallery Signum – Galaţi 2005, Gallery “Nicolae Mantu” – Galati 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, Popular Tradition Museum Gura Humorului 2009, Gallery Theatre Galati 2009 – 2010

GERMANY –  Cultural Center Sennestadt – Bielefeld 1997, Modern art Museum Mönchehaus – Goslar 1999, Volksbank Burgdorf Celle 1999, Dom Museum Königslutter 2000, Airport Oerlinghausen 2003, Alte Abtei Palace – Lemgo 2003, Hotel Parlando Oerlinghausen 2009, RomArt Gallery Braunschweig 2010, Galerie am Jagertor Potsdam 2015 and 2017.

FRANCE – Council of Europe Strasbourg 2017, La Prison – La Reole 2016

POLAND – Akademia Rycerska – Legnica 1999, Cartoon Museum – Warsaw 2004, Galery “G.I.Edek” – Gubin 2005, Galeria “Ring” Legnica

BELGIUM – Podium Café de Pomp – Boechout 1991, Cultural Center “Witte Merel” – Lint 2000, European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem 2011

ITALY – Universitatea Sapienza Roma 2011/2012, Venice 2014 Piccola Galeria, Venice 2017 Serra dei Giardini, Sacile 2015 and Pordenone 2016.

SWITZERLAND – Komischekunst Galerie Bern 2015, Galerie Cathedrale Fribourg 2017

BULGARIA – House of Humour and Satire Gabrovo 2004.

LUXEMBOURG – Cartoon Museum Vianden 2008 and 2009.

IRAN – Iranian Art Complex – Rasht 2008

SERBIA – Siroka Staza Gallery Zemun 2010



Honourable Mention – Ankara, Turkey 1989,

4th Prize – Ancona, Italy 1989,

Grand Prix – Novi Sad, Yugoslavia 1989,

Special Prize – Legnica, Poland 1990,

1st Prize – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain 1990,

2nd Prize – Kruishoutem, Belgium 1991,

4th Prize – Ancona, Italy 1991,

3rd Prize – Ankara, Turkey 1991,

Honourable Mention – Knokke-Heist, Belgium 1991,

2nd Prize – Trento, Italy 1991,

Mention – Foligno, Italy 1992,

Special Prize – Akşehir, Turkey 1992,

Special Prize – Akşehir, Turkey 1992,

Special Prize – Hokkaido, Japan 1993,

Special Prize – Legnica, Poland 1993,

4th Prize – Ancona, Italy 1993,

3rd Prize – Gabrovo, Bulgaria 1993,

2nd Prize – Ankara, Turkey 1993,

Gold Medal – Legnica, Poland 1994,

Special Prize – Legnica, Poland 1994,

Mention – Kaliningrad, Russia 1995,

2nd Prize – Boechout, Belgium, 1996,

Mention – Foligno, Italy 1996,

Mention – Kragujevac, Serbia 1997,

Special Prize – Bucureşti, Roamnai 1997,

1st  Prize – Boechout, Belgium 1998,

2nd  Prize – Teheran, Iran 1998,

Special Prize – Legnica, Poland 1998,

Special Prize – Haifa, Israel 1998,

5th Prize – Daejeon, Korea 1998,

Special Prize – Călăraşi, Roamnai 1999,

1st Prize – Legnica, Poland 2000,

Special Prize – Detmold, Germany 2000,

1st Prize – Hannover, Germany 2000,

Honourable Mention – Istanbul, Turkey 2000,

Special Prize – Călăraşi, Romania 2000,

Mention – Daejeon, Korea 2000,

Special Prize – Haifa, Israel 2000,

Special Prize – Legnica, Poland 2001,

Diploma – Kragujevac, Serbia 2001,

Special Prize – Krusevac, Serbia 2001,

Special Prize – Deva, Romania 2001,

2nd Prize – Surgut, Russia 2001,

Special Prize – Surgut, Russia 2002,

Mention – Ankara, Turkey 2002,

Mention – Deva, Romania 2002,

Mention – Deva, Romania 2002,

Mention – Tulcea, Romania 2002,

Mention – Boechout, Belgium 2002,

Mention – Boechout, Belgium 2002,

Mention – Sint Truiden, Belgium 2002,

Mention – Suceava, Belgium 2002,

1st Prize – Legnica, Poland 2003,

1st Prize – Gabrovo, Bulgaria 2003,

2nd Prize – Zemun, Serbia 2003,

Mention – Krusevac, Serbia 2003,

1st Prize – Zagreb, Croatia 2003,

Special Prize – Pisek, Czech Republic 2003,

Special Prize – Istanbul, Turkey 2003,

5th Prize – Daejeon, Korea 2003,

2nd Prize – Cuneo, Italy 2004,

Mention – Porto, Portugal 2004,

Mention – Legnica, Poland 2005,

2nd Prize – Kaliningrad, Russia 2005,

2nd Prize – Zemun, Serbia 2005,

Special Prize – Kozuchow, Poland 2005,

1st Prize – Praga, Czech Republic 2005,

2nd Prize – Solin, Croatia 2005,

1st Prize – Belgrad, Serbia 2005,

1st Prize – Chişinau, Moldova 2005,

Mention – Legnica, Poland 2006,

2nd  Prize – Istanbul, Turkey 2006,

Mention – Atena, Greece 2006,

2nd Prize – Teheran, Iran 2006,

Mention – Sao Paulo, Brasil 2006,

3rd Prize – Winterberg, Germany 2007,

7th Prize – Winterberg, Germany 2007,

Mention – Zemun, Serbia 2008,

2nd Prize – Zemun, Serbia 2009

3rd Prize – Tehran, Iran 2011


Member of International Juries

Contest “Ressegna internationale” – Trento, Italia, 1993

Contest “Humorror” – Bucharest, Romania, 1998

“Antiwar Cartoon Competition” – Kragujevac, Serbia, 1998

Contest “Satyrykon” – Legnica, Poland, 1999

“Nasreddin Hoca” Cartoon Competition – Istanbul, Turkey, 2000

Contest “Umor la… Gura Humorului” – Gura Humorului, Romania, 2006

Contest “Revelionul caricaturiştilor” – Urziceni, Romania, 2007

Contest “Umor la… Gura Humorului” – Gura Humorului, Romania, 2007

“Tehran Cartoon Biennial” – Teheran, Iran, 2007

Contest “Umor la… Gura Gumorului” – Gura Humorului, Romania, 2008

Contest “Revelionul caricaturistilor” – Urziceni, Romania, 2008

Contest “Umor la… Gura Gumorului” – Gura Humorului, Romania, 2009