Postcards Collection



New York, La Tour Eiffel, Don Quixote, Bucharest, Venice, Titanic, Potsdam(Bicycles), Fribourg, Strasbourg, Middle Class Happiness, Portraits, Balloons,  21 Centuries, Sturgeon and more…

3 Euro/piece

Take a look at the entire series of postcards. They are a selection of the best works from each topic. Printed by ELCO Galati, signed by the artist.

CP passep

P1090116  27545262_1801689796541902_989012638804255971_n

Postcards in Passe-partout, 50 copies available for each model, signed by the artist.

The postcard may be framed. Delivery is only in passe-partout by post. The story which explains the picture is written by hand, by the artist, in pencil.

Price: 30 Euro/piece

Einstein Composition – special

Price: 40 Euro/piece



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