Don Pantalone’s pedestal Don Pantalone – the “miser” seems to be the dominant feature of this famous mask. The artist portrays the character in the middle of the lagoon on a pedestal, having as background the main buildings of Piazza San Marco. The symbol used is the vault; its floating suggests that it is empty, that it is an economic crisis. Pillar in Piazza San Marco The painting is a representation of the flooded San Marco Square. The artist forces this situation where the water is not at all deep and imagined a gondola. Everything is changed to turn the … Continue reading Venice


Potsdam is the longest series made by the artist on a theme. It lasted 6 years, especially with the famous Sanssouci Imperial Park as its main subject. More than 90 works were realised, half of which are now in collections in Berlin. Gravitz family They won the right to use the windmill despite the King Frederick efforts to stop its function. 30/40cm, oil on cardboard The Imperial Symbol Flags and vulture of stone – was on the top of the main Gate – Nauener Tor 30/40cm, oil on cardboard Winter on the Hill at Babelsberg and the four little towers … Continue reading Potsdam


Titanic is one of the artist’s favorite themes. This is because he is a naval engineer. But it is the least desired by the public because it is an illustration of a disaster. 50 paintings were made in 2011 and 2012 being displayed in galleries and museums in Romania and Belgium. The artist has been “on board” for a long time and feels part of the story. His favorite places were the upper decks and the Engine Room. There are often satirical references to people on board, workers or passengers. Also the moments of the ship’s sinking appear in surreal … Continue reading Titanic

Postcards Collection

  New York, La Tour Eiffel, Don Quixote, Bucharest, Venice, Titanic, Potsdam(Bicycles), Fribourg, Strasbourg, Middle Class Happiness, Portraits, Balloons,  21 Centuries, Sturgeon and more… 3 Euro/piece Take a look at the entire series of postcards. They are a selection of the best works from each topic. Printed by ELCO Galati, signed by the artist.   Postcards in Passe-partout, 50 copies available for each model, signed by the artist. The postcard may be framed. Delivery is only in passe-partout by post. The story which explains the picture is written by hand, by the artist, in pencil. Price: 30 Euro/piece Einstein … Continue reading Postcards Collection

La Tour Eiffel

The study dedicated to the Eiffel Tower was extended for 24 months in 2012 and 2014. The works were exhibited in Romania, Bulgaria and a few in Switzerland. The representations are references to the structure of the tower in particular, to the troubled history of the city of Paris, to the architectural details that appeared over the decades in Paris. Some romantic elements are also present. 40/30cm, oil on cardboard – 2021 . 30/40cm, oil on cardboard . Lights of Paris 30/40cm, oil on cardboard City Structures 30/40cm, oil on cardboard Gare du Nord 30/40cm, oil on cardboard Arch over … Continue reading La Tour Eiffel