Venice – works for sale

AFBSanta maria della salute

The Crown of Chiesa Madonna della Salute

The young architect Baldassare Longhena won the Santa Maria della Salute projects competition in 1631. He was impressed by the idea that the church looked like the crown of the Mother of God, represented in the painting. In the painting can also be seen the pontoon bridge, which is built for the celebration of the Great Saint, thus facilitating the access of the people to the church.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard





This is a humorous representation of the Grand Canal. A big pizza is disturbing the boats traffic. A few gondolas were sunk.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard



soclul lui Pantalone

Don Pantalone’s pedestal

Don Pantalone – the “miser” seems to be the dominant feature of this famous mask. The artist portrays the character in the middle of the lagoon on a pedestal, having as background the main buildings of Piazza San Marco. The symbol used is the vault; its floating suggests that it is empty, that it is an economic crisis.



AFB Umbrelele si clopotul

Umbrellas and the bell

The subject of work ran with a harem of lacy umbrellas. It is the bell of the Moors that stands on the Clock Tower of Piazza San Marco. The clock is a jewel in the edifice of the market. The subject was treated more thoroughly in the second series of paintings “Venice”. The tower was painted slightly sloping as a sign that the building was unbalanced by the bell.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard





The artist speculates the appearance of the Bridge of Sights, realizing it as a bridal dress. This channel is the mandatory gondola route. The painter removed the gondolas because the delusional reaction of the gondolas that climbed the walls was more important. The artist was inspired by reality. He carefully followed the gondoliers gestures when they needed an urgent redirection of the boat through the narrow spaces.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard




Il Mattaccino

The artist extrapolates here the story of the “Il Mattacciono” mask across Venice. It is a gesture to point out the trace of disappearance of traditions in Europe. In Venice some balconies were covered by nets during the carnival for defense against scented eggs. They were thrown especially to the windows of the young ladies’ rooms. The gondolier bears the frustrated mask through the quiet lagoon.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard



Piazza San Marco

Accomodation in Piazza San Marco

Painting is a representation of the flooded San Marco Square. The artist forces this situation where the water is not at all deep and imagined a gondola. Everything is changed to turn the Campanile di San Marco into an insignificant mooring pillar. Over time, there has been a tendency to embellish these pillars, and the artist made a painting in the first series “Venice”, entitled “The Lollipops”.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard



Puntea suspinelor

Ponte dei Sospiri

The musical instrument that accompanies the married young people on the canals of Venice is the accordion today. In this case the famous story with the passing of the detainees from the Doges Palace in the prison building is made by bellows, provided with two windows. Today in Venice there is no more hearing the sigh of the inmates and the sound of the accordion. Buildings are faithfully represented, unlike other cases in this series.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard





AFBPodul Rialto 12XX


The work represents the Rialto Bridge in its first variant – wooden. It looked like the flight scale at the airport.

30/40cm, oil on cardboard


AFBDrumul spre judecata

Drumul judecatii







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