Ongoing Exhibition. The series dedicated to famous Romanian soprano Leontina Vaduva is on display at Muzeul Brailei Carol I for three weeks. The artist is back to a place he likes very much – Brăila city. His previous three exhibition displayed here makes him proud.


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Art Museum

2nd February 2018, Contemporary art exhibition
Visual Art Museum Galati, Romania
Photo St. Axente

This is one of the public displays with which the artist begins the year 2018. It happened to be even in an art museum.

sinteza lucrarilor Braila AN

40 works “Crihana” are now Romanian Cultural Heritage

Great acquisition of the Museum Braila

12 November 2018

This became reality at the end of 2017. After one year of work on the topic “city Braila”, the city Museum “Carol I” took in its art collection the entire series “Braila – a satirical impression”. It was displayed for two months at the art Gallery “Gh.Naum” (Braila).


Exhibition in Potsdam – Germany, Galerie am Jagertor

August, 2017

  The first week in Potsdam was the way I expected, being like two years ago. When we arrived at the destination, “Galerie am Jagertor” already had on display some of the new works but also some of the old ones in 2015. The hall is modern, well maintained by an ambitious architect: Kornelia Tappe. In the first 3 hours of arrival, we finished the exhibition and the next day, in the evening, we welcomed the guests at the opening. During the evening about 30 people came. At the opening ceremony, the owner of the gallery presented me nicely, in German which I understand a little bit. Anyway, I saw joy in his gestures. I have talked about the beauty of the city and about the fact that we already have 65 pictures about Potsdam – a vast illustrated city story. I noticed that the audience was more interested than two years ago. The guests wanted to know more about the works, hidden secrets in compositions. I was continually requested for talk until the last visitor left.



Exhibition in Strasbourg – France, Council of Europe

June 2017

We arrived in Germany on Saturday 24 June and I was in Seelbach. We entered France in the morning and, after little bureaucratic hesitation at the gates of the Council, I entered the Artists’ Gallery. We were assigned the space and started working. We’re done in three hours. I stayed in the Council until the opening time. Many people, especially members of the Diplomatic Corps, participated. The exhibition was opened by the representative of the Strasbourg Arts Club. Then I had the pleasure of being presented by Mrs. Inginur Rustem at the Embassy of Romania. Iolanda Madalina spoke and then gave me my microphone.
There followed two days of staying in the gallery, which I tried to attract publicly. I have taken their attention through the quality of the exhibition, the album stand and postcards. Some postcards have been very successful. I would have made more friends if I stayed there longer.


The exhibition “Fribourg – A Satirical Impression”
Gallery “La Cathédrale” Fribourg
March 16 – April 15, 2017

It was a delightful meeting with the art lovers in Fribourg. Among them – many Romanians. It is a custom of the gallery not to hold a speech ceremony. Several guests retained works. All those involved in organizing the event agreed that my presence in the gallery with the “traveling atelier” was a very good idea. The passers-by were drawn into the exhibition space and could talk to me about the paintings. I have done 5 works for the August exhibition in Potsdam, Germany. The event was held in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Romania in Bern, Mr. Vlad Vasiliu. An important role in the involvement of the embassy had Mrs. Mihaela Feher – Minister Counselor, responsible for the cultural issues of the Embassy.

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